Nothing to fear

Now that we can’t give Namine a bath for a while, I realize how much I miss giving her one.

For the past couple nights, I’d made it a routine to give Namine a bath before doing her breathing treatment and giving her her meds. The goal – aside from the primary benefit of a clean child – is to break Namine of her fear of baths. I don’t think it’s fear of the water itself, but rather the running water.

Ever since Namine went to the water park, she’s been terrified of taking a bath. As I believe I’ve said before, we think it was getting dumped over the head with lots of water that put the fear of bath time in her. She’s not afraid of a bath when the water is already in the tub, but turning the water on started her crying. And don’t even mention the shower faucet.

Anyway, last night, I left the water running while I put her in the bathtub, and then I turned the water off. Tonight, I did the same thing, but she didn’t want to turn the water off right away this time. Namine played with the running water for a while, until I told her that it was time to turn the water off.

Namine is a smart girl, and I think she’s realized now that there is nothing to fear. She’s recognized that the noise of the running water, while loud, will not hurt her, and the water coming out of the faucet is the very same water that she loves to splash in.

I can’t wait to give her a bath again. We always have lots of fun.

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  1. Just in time to enjoy water play over summer!

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