· Normal is a dryer setting.


Feeling the pain

In following with the doctor’s permission to let Namine scoot around, scoot she did. And scoot, and scoot, and scoot. By bedtime, she was cranky – not so much because it was bedtime, I think, but because she was in pain. She is still in recovery, after all, and she still needs to take it easy. A little Motrin helped, and she fell asleep with relative ease.

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Nothing to fear

Now that we can’t give Namine a bath for a while, I realize how much I miss giving her one. For the past couple nights, I’d made it a routine to give Namine a bath before doing her breathing treatment and giving her her meds. The goal – aside from the primary benefit of a clean child – is to break Namine of her fear of baths. I don’t think it’s fear of the water itself, but rather the running water.

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