The bath lift is portable

It’s nice that the bath lift can be moved between bathrooms.

Some time ago, Namine got an electric bath lift. She uses it in what we typically call our “main” bathroom — the more accessible one, with the wider doorway and space enough for Namine to turn her wheelchair around.

We do have a second bathroom on the ground floor, and it also has a bathtub. It’s larger, deeper, and has jacuzzi-style jets. While Namine can climb into the main bathroom’s tub on her own (without using the lift), this tub is too deep, its walls too high.

Taking a bath in the jacuzzi tub, however, is still a treat and a luxury. Without the lift, I would pick Namine up and put her in it myself. (I have before.) But with the tub being so steep, that’s a tricky thing; she breaks bones so easily and I don’t want her getting hurt.

Now that we have the lift, however, it’s a simple matter for me to carry it from one bathroom to the other. The depth (or height) difference also doesn’t matter, since the lift is designed to be able to reach even taller heights than our tubs have. All Namine needed to do, once I had placed the lift and raised it to its necessary height, was to transfer onto it. From there she was able to do what she always does: lower it into the bath. Once completely lowered, it even reclines, allowing her to enjoy the jacuzzi bath.

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