Spanish class field trip

Namine had a different kind of field trip with her Spanish class.

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man

Field trips are few and far between for Namine, since she attends a virtual school. Her classes are purely online, so she typically only sees her teachers in person during state testing or — as today — field trips.

The school Namine attends is itself about three hours away driving distance, but it has students from all over the state. In each local area, however, teachers try to organize the occasional field trip for students. Sometimes these include sporting events like baseball games or simple get-togethers like game days.

This particular field trip was organized by Namine’s Spanish class teacher. It did involve a bit of driving on our part, but it was worth it. The class was being treated by the school at a Mexican restaurant, with the twist being that they had to order their food in Spanish.

On our way there, Namine looked at the menu online and practiced ordering what she wanted. When we picked her up from the restaurant, however, she told us that she ended up ordering something completely different. That seemed to be no obstacle though, because she had a great time with her class.

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