We are home from the ER. It was not the longest night we’ve spent there, but it was long just the same. After being there for five hours, we finally got the x-ray results; they came back negative. Namine has not sustained any breaks; the diagnosis is that she is just sore from the fall. Thus, she was discharged and we came home, stopping at McDonald’s on the way.

Well, come on, give me a break. McDonald’s and Taco Bell are the only restaurants (if you can even call them that) open at one in the morning. Namine ate some chicken nuggets, fries, and part of a burger. She opened up the burger, removed the patty and pickles, put the bun back together and ate that. She licked one of the pickle slices. I don’t think she enjoyed it. She also tried a bite of my McRib (Jacque, if you’re reading this, its purchase is your fault), but the tanginess of it was a little much for her.

Namine is asleep now, and her stats are normal enough for me: O2 is at 90 and heart rate at 102. The heart rate is a little on the high side (she’s usually around 80 during sleep) but it’s definitely acceptable.

She usually has music class on Saturday mornings, but I think we’re going to skip tomorrow’s class. I have a feeling she has some sleep to catch up on. Good night, everyone.


  1. I’m so glad everything turned out ok. And I didn’t know McDonalds and Taco Bell were open until 1 AM. I supposed those are the “citified” hours, while the country ones close at 8 PM.

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