Fryburgers and salad sandwiches

Namine really wanted to have lunch with me, so I waited until Jessica and Namine could come pick me up after this morning’s therapy session. We went to McDonald’s, which is just up the road from my office.

We all got what we usually get: a plain cheeseburger for Namine, a 10-piece for Jessica, and a crispy chicken sandwich (easy on the mayo; shredded lettuce, not leaf lettuce) for me. Of course Namine ate most of her fries first, after which I told her to eat some of her burger, please.

Namine opened up her burger to pick the cheese off – she always eats the cheese first – only to find her cheeseburger devoid of its namesake. Okay, people, it’s a plain cheeseburger. Plain or not, it’s not a cheeseburger without cheese.

Not to be deterred, Namine took some of her remaining fries and placed them between the meat and bun, declaring her creation a fryburger. She closed it up again and took a bite. Chewing slowly, she gazed longingly at my giant (by comparison) chicken sandwich, overflowing with mayo and lettuce. (Easy on the mayo, my butt.)

“Cah ah hah thah?” she asked me, mouth full of fryburger.

“Yes, you can have my chicken sandwich.” At this point I had already eaten half of it, plus I still had some fries. It’s not like I’d go hungry, at any rate. So I handed Namine my sandwich, and she handed me her fryburger, minus one bite.

“Thah-” Chew, chew, swallow. “Thanks!” She opened up her mouth as wide as it would go, and squeezing the chicken sandwich as tight as she could – it was pretty big – she crammed as much in her mouth as she could. Mouth full of chicken and lettuce, she exclaimed “Thih ih a GOOH salah samwich!”

“I’m glad you like it.”

Namine ate nearly all of my, um, salad sandwich. After eating that thing, she never did want her fryburger back, so I ate that.

We had to leave in order to drop me back off at work, so Namine had to take her apple slices to go. As I picked her up to carry her out to the car, I asked her to please keep her hands away from my shirt, as they were messy and I was clean.

“Okay, Haha.” She gave me a kiss on the cheek. “I love you.”

“Thanks, sweetie. I love you t–” and Namine dragged a piece of apple across my face. “What are you doing??”

“It’s not on your shirt, it’s on your face!” She started laughing hysterically.

Fine, two can play that game. I grabbed Namine’s hand holding the apple piece and brought it up to her face. “You’re getting apple on your face! You’re getting apple on your face!”

She turned her head and bit most of the apple off. “Nah ehh-ee-ore!” she said, mouth full of apple. I finished getting her in the car and got in myself, both of us still laughing as Jessica came out to the car.

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