Namine is in bed now, but she is not asleep. Oh no, far from it. I had quite a time trying to figure out what my two year old wanted, exactly. It turned out she wanted her mobile animals back on her mobile (they have been off for quite a while; they have been since she pulled them off) before she would settle down. We suspect she’s developing a fear of the dark, too. So I put Namine’s safari lamp at the far end of the room, where it provides a night-light-ish glow to the room.

Namine is scooting again. Aside from going to church this morning, we spent the day in the apartment; Namine spent her time zooming around – in the bedroom, where I was folding clothes; in the living room; in the kitchen and dining room, where Jessica was cooking. She was all over the place. She is still telling us of pain in her legs, and she still complains when someone picks her up, but on the whole she seems to be doing better.

She also seems to have more of her appetite back. She ate quite a bit at lunch, but she still didn’t eat everything on her plate. At dinner, however, she polished her plate clean, and ate a plate full of pumpkin cake and ice cream to boot.

Jessica has a theory. What if giving Namine an adult-sized plate, even if the serving is Namine-sized, is intimidating to her? At dinner time, Jessica and I decided we were sick of dishes, so we just used little disposable paper cake plates. Namine seemed more willing to eat everything with this smaller plate – which, to her, probably looked to be more her size.

Namine is talking more, too. And I don’t just mean vocalizing more; I mean actual words. At dinner, I was helping Namine put food on her fork or spoon. Usually she would tell me which food she wanted next by just pointing, but tonight she indicated the meatloaf by pointing and saying “meee!” (I’m pretty sure she was saying “meat.”)

And she made a new sound today. You’ll recall that Namine has trouble with hard consonants. A while ago, she discovered the wonders of blowing a raspberry, so it’s common to hear the “ppppppppppp” sound you make when blowing air through your lips. Tonight, Namine figured out, using that same technique, to make a “bbbbbbbbb” sound. She still has trouble just doing it once – “Batman” sounds more like “Mbbbbbatman,” but she definitely made progress tonight.


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