Jessica and my mom took Namine to her ortho clinic this morning. Just when you thought things were pretty much down to routine, excitement got dialed up a notch. My mom fell walking in to the clinic from the car, and she was holding Namine. Namine seemed unhurt, just shaken up; my mom sprained her wrist and hurt her knee, but nothing is broken, so far as she knows. As for the clinic visit itself, well, those are always stressful for Namine.

Already upset and crying from the shock of falling, Namine cried when she saw the nurse. The word “crying” doesn’t even do her justice. She gets louder each day, and this was raw screaming. The cast change itself, aside from terrifying Namine, went smoothly. The incision on Namine’s left foot is healing nicely, and the one on her right is confirmed to be nothing to be concerned about.

We are due back in another two weeks, and there is better news: Namine may be able to get rid of the casts for good then. But as is typical, only time will tell. We pray that her feet will keep their new shape.

This afternoon, after Namine took a nap, Jessica saw that Namine had bruises on her torso, both on her chest and ribs and on her back. They take the shape of fingerprints; they must be from when my mom clutched her in the fall. Namine was complaining of pain in her legs, but not in her feet, like it usually is. This pain is in her upper thighs and hips, especially the left.

Our number one concern right now is broken bones: because she’s complaining of her left hip, we have reason to believe that she might have re-broken her left femur. (Before you tell me that there is a big difference between the hip and the thigh bone, remember that, because of the caudal regression, Namine’s thigh bones are very small. Also, the first break had occurred close to the hip.) And since we’re not sure what else she may have hurt, we’ll want her checked out from head to toe.

Jessica and her sister have taken Namine to the ER, where I am joining them. Please keep her in your prayers, and I will let you know how she’s doing when I can.


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