Sunday school and volleyball

It’s been a full day. Kinda hard to believe that it’s already 4 in the pm, actually. The day flew by!

This morning was the first Jesus Cares meeting of the season (school year? whatever). We were late, but that’s okay. Considering all the equipment we have, I’d say we’re a little entitled. ;) Of course, everyone was thrilled to see Namine – and since the last time they saw her was just before Christmas, they were excited to see how much she’s grown.

Speaking of how much she’s grown, I was perusing (now there’s a word you don’t get to use in everyday conversation very often) some Namine’s very first pictures the other day. It’s easy to forget how kids change! How very small she was (well, she’ll always be smaller), and how she’s filled out, so to speak. You know she’s over 17 pounds now? Amazing. I can’t help but wonder at all she’s been through, and how strong she is. She certainly has an iron will.

This past Wednesday (sorry I didn’t post then, busybusybusy) Namine went to the doctor so they could see how her broken tibia was healing. I was looking for a past post on the subject, and I think I was amiss – I don’t think I ever posted about her broken leg in the first place, so if you don’t know anything about it, I’ll explain here. If you think you know everything, skip the next paragraph.

A couple weeks ago, I think, we noticed that Namine cringed and sometimes cried when we moved her a certain way. It seemed to be one of her legs, and we thought it was the right, but we didn’t know where. Remembering her broken left femur and fearing the worst, we took her into the ER and had her x-rayed. It turned out that she did have a break, but a small one, called a buckle fracture. They decided not to cast it, since it would only be a cast for her lower leg, since the weight and leverage might break her femur. Yeah, let’s not do that again. The next day, maybe a couple days later, Jessica took her into the doctor, where they made a partial brace – it fits the entire length of her leg, and it only covers the back side. At the start, she wore it all the time. (And I managed to never get poop on it while changing her. So proud of myself.)

So, now that you’re all caught up. At this most recent doctor’s visit, they said that her fracture is healing nicely, and to keep her in the brace at night. We think Namine might be having some allergic reaction to something, because lately she’s needed a lot more suctioning than usual. (Well, she is my daughter, and I’m like the captain of Team Seasonal Allergy.) Her secretions are still the normal white though, not green or some other funky color, so we know she’s not sick. And of course she’s as lively as ever.

Wow, did I get sidetracked. I was telling you about the day. Anyhoo.

After Jesus Cares we went over to Auntie Melissa’s house for a volleyball party. Namine sat on the sidelines in her kid cart and cheered us all on, and I faceplanted into the sand a few times. Auntie Ann is a crazy person when it comes to volleyball, we’ve found, and Uncle Pete needs new shorts now.

Jessica hasn’t been feeling too great, so she’s getting some rest now. Namine is eating and sleeping, and I’m done. Catch you later.

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