Namine has a bronchoscopy and possible partial frenulotomy.

This morning Namine has a bronchoscopy and laryngoscopy. She’s known about it for a while, but the news of a possible frenulotomy was new to her as of yesterday afternoon.

Jessica and I like to let Namine know as much as possible about procedures that she has to have done, but I was a little apprehensive about how she would react to the news.

Namine knows she’s different. I don’t usually need to draw her attention to her differences, but I did in yesterday’s conversation, just to ensure her understanding in what will possibly happen today.

Namine is tongue-tied. The skin under her tongue (called the frenulum), instead of being located at the base of her tongue, extends to the tip. This limits her ability to speak, and has been a point of contention between us and some doctors. One in particular has been pushing to get the frenulum clipped for a long time.

Up until now, Namine’s airway has been too small to have the frenulum clipped. That’s the purpose of the bronch — to determine the size of her airway. If Namine’s doctor determines that her airway has enough room, now that she’s grown some more, then she may clip some of the frenulum.

Having Namine’s frenulum clipped, even partially, would be a big adjustment for her. It would be hugely beneficial, in that it would allow her to make certain sounds easier. But it also comes with substantial risk. If the clipped frenulum allows Namine’s tongue to collapse too far back, it could close off her airway. If this happens, she could need a tracheostomy once more. With that said, though, we trust Namine’s doctor, and we trust our own judgment for Namine’s best interests.

As to Namine herself, she’s been unusually excited about this morning’s procedures. She understands what’s going to happen, and the prospect of being able to make sounds with her tongue a little easier is thrilling to her.

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