kid kart

  • Picnic day

    We went to the zoo this morning for the CHW Herma Heart Center’s picnic. Namine got a free HHC t-shirt. (siblings could get free shirts as well, but parent have to pay. What a gyp.) We saw a couple of doctors (including Dr. Mitchell!) and some other people we recognized but couldn’t place.

  • After Namine’s sleep study

    Kids, as much as I’d like to tell you that Namine had her trach taken out today, alas, I cannot. Contrary to what we were told by lying or possible willful ignorant trach/vent nurses, decannulation is not that simple. We have to wait a week for the results of her sleep study, and then we can go back to the hospital for decannulation.

  • Sunday school and volleyball

    It’s been a full day. Kinda hard to believe that it’s already 4 in the pm, actually. The day flew by! This morning was the first Jesus Cares meeting of the season (school year? whatever). We were late, but that’s okay. Considering all the equipment we have, I’d say we’re a little entitled. ;) Of […]

  • Birthday Surprise!

    Namine is doing awesome. She is having a blast with her new kid kart and is just enjoying the summer.