Ortho appointment

Namine saw her orthopedic surgeon for a checkup.

Every six months, Namine sees her orthopedic surgeon for a checkup. This appointment was no departure from the norm, but for a couple exceptions.

Earlier this year, Namine broke her leg. We still don’t know how; the only explanation is that the bones in her lower extremities are brittle. Seeing as how Namine has broken a leg two years in a row, that makes sense to us. Fortunately, Namine’s leg has healed cleanly, and is no longer broken.

Namine’s brittle leg bones are one of the side effects of her having caudal regression syndrome. Another is her scoliosis: sideways curvature of the spine. To monitor this as she grows, Namine has X-rays taken of her back every six months.

This appointment’s X-rays showed the doctor (and us) two things. First, Namine’s scoliosis is not worsening, even though she’s growing. Second, Namine has grown so much that she can no longer have X-rays taken on the child-size plate she’s always had; she’s too tall. (Let that sink in for a minute.)

We’ll see Dr. Black in another six months. Namine has a clean bill of health, at least as far as her legs and back are concerned, and that’s fantastic news to close out the year.

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