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Namine is still catching up on some school from being sick a few days ago. Fortunately, we can work at a pace comfortable to her.

Yesterday Namine didn’t get any school done due to a clinic appointment, so she’s doing some work today to get back up to speed. Fortunately, school is not a drag or a punishment for her; even though she lollygags sometimes (what six year old doesn’t, right?), she enjoys it and works hard.

Namine has been doing very well lately. She’s been learning about cause and effect (I’m pretty sure she already understood the concept, if she didn’t know the terms), the different states of matter (although I found the lack of discussing plasmas and Bose-Einstein condensates woefully lacking), number fact families, and much more.

In her math lessons, Namine has been going through fact families. She covered the number 9 today. We sometimes ask her questions prior to starting a lesson, as a way of establishing a baseline for what she has internalized, and she was able to answer most questions before even doing the lesson.

Namine’s science lesson today expanded on the concept of matter, showing mixtures that can and cannot be separated. Jessica mixed corn starch and water to show her how strange matter can be.

Namine has never been comfortable with strange textures on her hands — save for playing in the sand, but even that can be hit or miss — but she was willing to touch the corn starch mixture.

While Jessica and Namine were doing school, my aunt and I worked on Namine’s closet.

Namine’s dresser has served us well, but she is old enough to get her own clothes out in the morning. She can only reach the bottom two drawers in her dresser, and nothing at all in her closet, even while in her wheelchair.

Most of the stuff either went in the garbage or in the garage. There were things from the kid kart and other equipment that we’ve long since been rid of. Feels were had.

This afternoon, my aunt paid us a visit, having built (mostly) a shelving unit for us to put inside the closet. Namine can reach most of the shelves all by herself, but now that Namine can get into her wheelchair all by herself, she’ll be able to use the entire thing.

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  1. Looks like a fun and productive day was had by all! I’m sure the new organized and more accessible closet will be very helpful for Namine! Thanks for Linking up to Friendship Friday! I appreciate the support!

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