Namine showed us that she didn’t need the rack to bowl anymore.

In the past, Namine has used a rack to help her bowl. Most bowling alleys have one, and it’s the perfect height for her. She’s wheel up to the rack (which she would adjust herself), place the ball on it, and push it down the aisle.

Namine decided to try it without the rack. She wheeled up to the line, swung the ball to her side, and let loose.

As a side note, she scolded me (again) for coming to help her when no help was needed. I thought she’d need assistance grabbing the ball from off the ball return, but she gave me a look that said Dad, what are you even doing. “I got this, Dad.” She had no trouble at all.

It’s a lesson I need to be taught over and over again, apparently: Namine is not helpless; she is strong, capable, and independent. Sometimes the lesson sticks, and sometimes, like this time, I need to be reminded. Fortunately, I have a daughter who loves her independence, is confident in her ability, and is willing to try new things to better herself. And she’s not shy about saying so.

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