Baseball parade

Namine was in the Little League parade before a Brewers game!

The YMCA Miracle League was part of the Little League parade before a Brewers game. Since Namine plays with them every week, she got to participate in the parade.

It wasn’t raining when we got there, but it steadily increased from a drizzle to a downpour. By the time we were let inside, we had all huddled together with the size of a crowd that can only be described as a throng. There was a canopy by the door, though, so we weren’t too wet.

They let us in by the offices, so we got to see some pretty cool stuff that we hadn’t even gotten to see when we took our tour a couple years ago. Namine thought the model of Miller Park was pretty cool, but she was even more impressed by a baseball-shaped cart.

We got in line for the parade, and walked around the field with our friends from Miracle League. Our group was the first in line, but there were other Little League teams behind us. Namine asked me to push her in her wheelchair so she could wave to everybody. And wave she did! Jessica got some pictures of us from our seats up on the second level.

After the parade, Namine and I walked all the way around — and I mean all the way around — the stadium again to find our seats. We stayed for most of the game, until we saw the sausage race. We headed home a little bit early to beat the rush, but traffic was still a beast.

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