Diapers and potty training

One of the higher stressing things of being a parent is potty training. Depending on your child to tell you when they need to go has got to be frustrating enough. But let me take it one step further for you: not knowing if your child is able to tell, or if they can hold it at all.

School is in

Namine is feeling much, much better today. Heck, that much is evident by her appetite alone. She was feeling well enough for the first time in quite a while to do some schoolwork.

Cast removal

Today is a big day. Namine usually sleeps in until at least 9 or 10, but she woke up before I left for work this morning. When Jessica asked her what today was, she said with no hesitation: “Today I get my casts and boots off!”

Going home today

Namine is playing on her laptop while we wait for Jessica to come pick us up from the hospital. “Who’s your best friend?” Her laptop asks. Namine looks at me, giving me the biggest grin. “My best friend is my Haha! He makes my feet feel all better.” How undeserving I am of such an amazing daughter.

Skin graft successful

Namine is resting in her room in the PICU. She’s being kept overnight, because she is, after all, a heart patient above all else. The graft was successful, and her doctors are confident she’ll be able to go home tomorrow.