Today is a big day. Namine usually sleeps in until at least 9 or 10, but she woke up before I left for work this morning. When Jessica asked her what today was, she said with no hesitation: “Today I get my casts and boots off!”

I was out in the living room eating breakfast when Namine woke up. I heard her shifting herself around, which she has to do because those casts are heavy. Then I heard growling. So I went into her room to see her sitting up and smiling at me. “Are you a lion?” I asked.

“Yes! But I’m a nice lion.”

“Oh, that’s good.”

When Jessica called me around lunchtime, they’d gotten done at Dr. Black’s, where they removed her casts. The next stop was to get Namine fitted for orthotics, which I assume they’re doing now.

Tomorrow, of course, is another big day. Namine will see the plastic surgeon, and he will tell us how Namine’s new skin graft is doing. If it’s healed enough, she’ll be able to go swimming. Oh, I hope.

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