Namine was discharged last night – huzzah! Jessica’s sister Chyral helped us bring all the stuff home from the hospital. Good thing, too, because we would have been hard pressed to fit it all into our little car.

We parted ways then: Namine and I got into our car and drove home (first dropping off three pages of prescriptions at the pharmacy), while Jessica and Chyral went to pick up some dinner. Before we left, Jessica asked Namine what she wanted. “Noodles. With cheese!” Right-o. Fettuccine Alfredo it is. And when we finally did eat dinner, Namine ate every bite. She needed no prompting to eat, once she was at home. Her appetite was exactly as we knew it would be.

It’s weird, not giving Namine a bath; but all she can get until the braces (and casts, eventually) are gone is a simple sponge bath. Without a bath, getting ready for bed doesn’t take long at all. The time is partially made up for, though, because Namine has a bunch of more medicine. She especially hates the new inhalers. They all taste horrible.

Bedtime itself could not have gone smoother. We made sure Namine was nice and comfy, and I sang “Swing Life Away” to her, like I always do. It’s our song. I’m not sure why, but the lyrics fit us perfectly. Namine fell asleep fairly quickly, and slept soundly the whole night through.

While in the hospital, Namine would wake up several times a night, and she would almost never be able to get back to sleep once she woke up around 6:00 in the morning. But Namine didn’t wake up this morning until around 9:00, and in a much better mood than she ever did in the hospital.

All of this, of course, is proof of what we already know: Namine is much, much happier to be home.

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