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Time stands still in the hospital. But at the same time, the days rush by in a blur. The days go by; every day seems the same, but every day Namine regains a little more strength, a little more energy, a little more of herself. Every day passes, and it passes slowly, but every day…

We had quite a scare yesterday morning. If you’re friends with either Jessica or myself on Facebook, then you probably already know; I’ll give you a recap anyway, just in case you’re not.

Yesterday morning at about 6 or 7, the nurse was unable to find the pulse in Namine’s left foot. (You’ll remember that it was her left foot that had all the complications.) This was alarming, and the plastic surgeons were called. They, too, were unable to find a pulse, and so things were set in motion to have Namine taken into the OR in order to see what was wrong with the vessel.

Long story short, the doctor who did both graft procedures on Namine’s foot was able to find a (faint) pulse in Namine’s foot. The reason was twofold: the nurses were looking on the top of Namine’s foot, while they should have been looking on the bottom, and the doctor suspected that the vessel was in a state of spasm that morning. They put the warmer (called the bear hugger for reasons unknown) over Namine’s feet, and they’ve had no issues since.

Today Namine will be taken off Heparine (the blood thinner) and the central line in her shoulder will be taken out. (Yes, that will be a barrel of laughs.) She’s sleeping soundly now. She had a good night last night, and I expect she’ll have another one, with more real rest, tonight.

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  1. Good luck with the removal of the line. My prayers continue going out to you all, for continued increases in healing, and rest, of more than one sort. ::hugs::

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