Namine’s final skin graft for her left foot has been scheduled for the third of next month. After that, both feet can be casted, and, God willing, only three or four months remain before she can resume walking, standing, climbing, and getting into all manner of shenanigans once more.

The skin graft that Namine has on her left foot – which was required in addition to the blood vessel graft – is not real skin. It’s synthetic skin, grown in a lab; amazing that it’s even possible (to me, anyway), but of course it’s not the real thing. Science cannot yet duplicate the wonder of God’s work, and so Namine still needs real skin to be grafted onto her heel.

Some days are better than others. I don’t just mean with pain; some days she is fairly okay with sitting in her Batman recliner (where was that when I was growing up? I mean seriously), but other days, I think we’ve come only just shy of strapping her down to prevent her escape. She’s a good girl, though; she listens and obeys, most of the time. As much as any three year old could be expected to, I think. And as much as she loves to move around, I can’t say I blame her at all for getting restless.


While it’s true that she has been given the okay to scoot (not crawl, though; that would put pressure on her feet, and that we cannot have), it tires her out. The scooting itself doesn’t tire her, but rather the pain. So we limit her to about five minutes at a time at home, as that seems to be her limit right now.

Speaking of pain, we seem to have weaned her off the heavy meds. We do still have a bottle sitting among her other medicine, but she hasn’t needed it from some days. For now, Motrin (and occasionally Tylenol as well) seem to be enough. Of course, it helps a great deal that Namine has (and has always had) an incredibly high tolerance for pain. Some days, she doesn’t complain at all. Most of the time, she just asks for Motrin before bed, and that’s it.

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