Okay, next week’s – um, let’s go with procedure – should be pretty low-key. The key word there is should, because Namine’s feet have seemingly had nothing but complication every time they’re under the knife. Hopefully this coming Tuesday will be different, however.

Next week Namine has another skin graft planned for her left foot. This will take the place of the synthetic skin graft which currently resides there; once done, both feet will be casted. I think the plan is for her feet to remain so for another three or four weeks, and then the casts will be removed. At that point, Namine should be able to resume physical therapy for her feet, and resume walking. (And climbing, and generally moving around like a whirlwind again.)

Speaking of whirlwinds, this past weekend was quite intense (but not in tents), and I suspect Namine’s feet are paying the price. She wasn’t using them; it’s not like she was scooting very much (though she is allowed to scoot in short duration), but we know that how tired she is can directly affect how much pain she can endure. She generally goes without Motrin or Tylenol the entire day, only really needing it to help her sleep. But with the family picnic on Saturday and a full day of playing on Sunday, Namine is now catching up a bit, I think, to getting her full energy back. In addition to that, she has physical therapy during the week, so rest in the evening seems to do her good.


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