Namine’s feet are quite a sight to behold, if one is not prepared. They used to scare her. She would cry at the sight of them, and could only be consoled when they were once again covered up. It took some getting used to – and not just for her – but Namine’s resiliency ever amazes me.

Namine’s right foot doesn’t look too bad, all things considered. But it’s still got a pretty massive scar; dried blood and stitches mark where her skin has been opened and closed once again. The left looks considerably worse: in addition to all that, there is a patch of skin on her heel that looks, at first glance, to be discolored. In actuality, it is the skin graft; it is not true skin, but rather synthetic, a temporary replacement until the final skin graft can be performed. That procedure will be done early next month.

Namine is not afraid to look at her feet anymore. She sometimes assures me, when we do foot cares (unwrapping and re-wrapping her feet with clean Acticoat (silver mesh – a story for another time), gauze, and new socks), that she will not cry. She is a strong girl, and as restless as she can get, sitting as she must nearly all day long, she still keeps in mind what this is all for. She knows the goal is to walk again, and she looks forward to it.

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