Namine is playing on her laptop while we wait for Jessica to come pick us up from the hospital. “Who’s your best friend?” Her laptop asks. Namine looks at me, giving me the biggest grin. “My best friend is my Haha! He makes my feet feel all better.” How undeserving I am of such an amazing daughter.

Namine woke up around 6:30 this morning, but that’s late for a hospital stay. She never sleeps as well as she does at home. (But is that untrue for anyone, really?) Frankly, it is nothing short of a miracle that no one (including – especially – people changing the garbage) woke her up during the night. I was sleeping (if you can call such a restless, fitful existence sleep, or rest, for that matter) on the couch; Namine didn’t see me when she woke up, so she called out for me, worried. I doubt I was even very much asleep, because I woke up immediately to assure her that yes, I was still here.

The morning has been a fairly uneventful one. The doctors did their rounds, and in Namine’s, declared her to be doing well. The nurse removed Namine’s IV a little later – which Namine was excited about, despite the pain involved, because she knew it meant she was that much closer to going home.

We are now waiting here; she’s dressed and ready to go. Namine’s paperwork is all done, so as soon as Jessica gets here (she slept at home last night), we’re blowing this pop stand.


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