MRI: home again

We’re back home from Namine’s MRI.

Every time the doctors ask us if there’s anything they should know about Namine and anesthesia, we always say the same thing: she will wake up early. Somehow, they never believe us.

The doctor told us that the entire scan would take about three hours, but that’s not counting the time it took to put in her IV and the time it takes her to wake up. Even so, it was just shy of three hours’ time when a nurse came to find us in the waiting area. What was still unknown at the time was whether or not Namine would be able to go home, or if she’d end up spending the night at the hospital.

When Namine initially woke up, they brought us back to see her, then brought all of us back up to the day surgery room. Even though she woke up, Namine was still tired — both from the anesthesia and from the very early morning, not to mention how exhausting it is to just be in the hospital. So we let her sleep.

As Namine woke up on her own, she was still groggy, but she wanted nothing more than to go home. Despite still feeling a little wobbly, she insisted that we go home. She was done at the hospital, so she wanted to be done with the hospital.

I’m happy to say that we’re all home now, and Namine is feeling much better.

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