Ankle pin removal

As I write this, Namine’s pins have successfully been taken out of her ankles, we are all home, and she is blessedly, contentedly asleep in her own bed.

Before I start to yammer about the day, a note. I guess I failed to explain properly about Namine’s feet. When she had the first surgery, they removed a bone from the top of her foot and cut a tendon in her ankle. This allowed her feet to be brought up into the correct position – but there was a problem: the arteries in her feet were not long enough or strong enough to stretch to this new position. So they left her feet halfway between the old position and the eventual correct position. They put a pin in each ankle to help hold the position. The whole ordeal with needing to go into the OR today was to remove both of those pins.

To give you a little background for today: the morning started out with Jessica calling day surgery at 7:30, like ortho asked us to on Friday, but they said that the charge nurse wouldn’t be arriving until 8:30, so we should call back then. They called us back shortly after that to say that they wouldn’t know anyway until the operating surgeon (Namine’s ortho doc) arrived. So they would call us. (We’ve danced that dance before.) So then they called around 9:15 to tell her that the surgery time was 11:00, and Namine needed to be there at 10:00. We live a good half hour away from the hospital when the freeway is clear. I don’t know what it was like for Jessica trying to get there in time.

But Jessica, my mom, and Namine arrived just shortly after 10:00. (I don’t ask silly questions like “how fast were you going?”) 11:00 came and went, with no one to take Namine back. My dad and I took advantage of ortho’s typical tardiness and went to the hospital to spend some time with Namine, and noon came and went, with still no one to take Namine back. Finally, around 1:30, the nurse arrived to take her back. Namine took her goofy juice like a trooper, and we went to the OR waiting room. After some questions by the anesthesiologist, they took Namine to do the procedure.

It only took an hour; after that, they took Jessica back to see a very unhappy, angry, and hungry Namine. And then came the surprise to top all surprises: they would let Namine go home once she recovered from the anesthesia if she was willing to eat some real food. (Anyone that knows Namine would know that would be no problem at all.) Around 5:00 Jessica, my mom, and Namine finally left the hospital for home.

Once they arrived home, Namine once again proved her resiliency by scooting around the apartment. It was evident that she was glad to be home. She ate some soup, potatoes, and broccoli for dinner, and we put her to bed early. It was, after all, a long day.

Sleep well, my little love, and heal quickly. There is much more for you beyond the pain and sadness you feel now. Much, indeed.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re all home sleeping in your own beds. Praying for a restful, pain-free night.

  2. Michele Eiche Avatar
    Michele Eiche

    I did not speed! I was at your house in 5 minutes and we were out of there by 9:35 and got to the hospital at 10:02!

  3. Michele Eiche Avatar
    Michele Eiche

    of course…Jess drove to the hospital so I won’t ask how she shaved off those few extra minutes!!!

  4. I’m so glad she’s home…and you’re right, she IS resilient! What an amazing little girl you have there!

  5. I was only going five over. I wasn’t speeding that bad.

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