Going back on everything I’ve just said about not going into the OR again, Namine is going into the OR tomorrow. Part of it is more scheduling stupidity, but it actually turned out to be for our benefit.

Ortho didn’t call us until Friday, further evidence that they don’t really have their stuff together. They scheduled Namine for the OR, which is what we said, yes, but I really wish they’d been more on the ball and called us earlier in the week. Because they waited so long, Namine is considered an add-on, and as such, her surgery time is currently unknown. The other thing is, because they called us so late, Namine’s OR time was locked in; they were not able to change it to a clinic visit.

While this, at first, seems like a bad thing – after all, we’d decided that with Namine’s fast recovery time, recasting in the clinic would be best – it actually is a good thing because this week will be no mere recasting. This week, it actually will be surgery: they’re taking one or more pins out of one of her ankles. Namine has a pin in each ankle, but as far as we know, they’re only removing a pin from one foot. I don’t remember which one; I’ll try to post again tomorrow after it’s done.

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