• An exciting night

    An exciting night

    Namine was feeling much better by the time we got home from the urgent care clinic. At that point, it was quarter of eleven, so we ate our Fazoli’s and put her to bed. She was happy to go.

  • Results of the cath

    Results of the cath

    All things told, Namine’s heart catheterization went well. The doctors were able to see what they wanted to see, and we were able to go home by evening. But now we have complications to deal with.

  • A sick morning

    Namine was supposed to have physical therapy this morning, but she has a fever of over 100. Consequently, we kept her home. Actually, we let her sleep in; she didn’t even wake up until 10:45, and sleeping late is not Namine’s style. Usually she’s up at the crack of dawn, yelling “WAKE UP GUYS, IT’S…

  • School and therapy

    School and therapy

    We kept Namine home from school yesterday due to a fever. Because she can’t go to school until 24 hours after a fever, we’ll be keeping her home today as well. We took her temp before bed last night, and it looked like it was going down. Hopefully she’ll be able to go to school…

  • Scary sats and an x-ray

    Scary sats and an x-ray

    When Namine drops her sats, our immediate thought is that she’s getting sick. Well, she’s already sick, so it would be no surprise that her sats are down a little. But Namine was down to 81 this morning, and that’s frightening. To make matters worse, Namine woke up with the croup again.

  • Ear infection again, again

    Ear infection again, again

    Namine has another ear infection. So once again, she’s on ear drops – though this time, it’s her right ear that’s infected. It must not be as painful as the last time. Namine hasn’t complained of her ear hurting; Jessica noticed some drainage, so she took her in to see the pediatrician.

  • Staying home from school

    Staying home from school

    Today marks the second day that Namine will have been kept home from school. Little kids being what they are (petri dishes for sickness), we can’t send Namine off to school with a fever, which she’s had for two days now. Lots of rest are in order, and she should be feeling fine for school…

  • Recurring fever

    Yesterday afternoon, Namine had a low-grade fever. She hadn’t been feeling the greatest during the day, and we thought perhaps she was getting sick. She’s fairly prone to ear infections, so that’s usually at the top of the list when we suspect illness. I checked her temp this morning, and it was fine. Tonight, however,…

  • High fever and a trip to the ER

    Last night Namine had an incredible fever of 103.2. That was under the armpit, too, and we thought that was much too high for what the doctor had called just that afternoon “the tail end of a virus.”

  • …It’s another

    Jessica took Namine to the pediatrician this afternoon.

  • If it’s not one thing…

    Last night Namine had a fever of 101.1. But that was taken under her armpit – she doesn’t quite yet get the whole idea of holding the thermometer under her tongue – and I’ve always been told that you should add a degree to an armpit temp. So make that 102.1. I gave her some…

  • Namine’s fever is going down

    I took Namine’s temp tonight before putting her to bed, and it was 99. That’s down from 100, so we’re getting there. She’s chewing on damn near everything, and this was even after dinner, so I’m pretty sure her teeth are bothering her. I know her two-year molars are coming in, so that would pretty…