When Namine drops her sats, our immediate thought is that she’s getting sick. Well, she’s already sick, so it would be no surprise that her sats are down a little. But Namine was down to 81 this morning, and that’s frightening. To make matters worse, Namine woke up with the croup again.

Namine’s oxygen saturation levels usually run at about 88-92, which is highly (forgive the pun) unusual, I’m told, for post-Glenn patient, especially one three years old. Normal post-Glenns can sat as low as 75 without cause for alarm. (another bad pun, but that one was unintentional, I promise!)

Jessica took Namine to see the pediatrician again this morning, with the intent of getting her some more adrenaline to help her airway and possibly a chest x-ray. Both happened, although a doctor insisted to Jessica that 81 is fine, there’s no need to worry. But we know our daughter; while 81 may not be too low for normal kids, it is for Namine.

The chest x-ray results came back fine; Namine’s lungs are clear. Phew. But she’s still sick, and we’re not sure what’s causing all this. It’s all we can do right now to just take care of her, try to get her as much rest as possible, and get her better.


  1. I totally agree about the low sats and knowing your child!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob is usually 95% or higher, so if he’s hanging out at 90% for too long… you know something’s up. Yes, that might be a fine number but when you KNOW they should/can do better, THAT is when it’s troubling!

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