So Jessica took Namine to the pediatrician this afternoon. According to the doctor, Namine’s fever is the result of a virus. Again. I tell ya, the kid can’t get a break. As a result of the high fever, she doesn’t have much of an appetite. She’s crabby. She’s tired. It’s up to us to make sure she’s well-hydrated. Normally that wouldn’t be a problem; Namine loves water. Loves it. But when she’s feeling so ill, of course she wants nothing to do with anything. Except perhaps Elmo.

Lately, Namine has become quite the little fiend for Sesame Street, but Elmo in particular. It’s guaranteed now that when we sit down for dinner, she will pipe up: “Elmo?”

“No, Namine, we’re not watching Elmo at dinner.” Not if I can help it. Which I can’t, most of the time, because I am a happy slave to my two year old. But sometimes I wish death by scorpions to whatever treacherous mind conceived of Elmo.

Aside from the fever, I don’t have much else to say. As far as we know, Namine still has the croup. I say as far as we know because she doesn’t really have the barking cough anymore, and this time around she never really got the stridor. Thank God for that. But occasionally, sometimes during the day and sometimes at night, she’ll just cough a few times. I’m just thankful that even through all this sickness and fever, her O2 has remained relatively high.


  1. “…sometimes I wish death by scorpions to whatever treacherous mind conceived of Elmo.” ROTFL! (Bertrand has been on an Elmo kick for closing on 2 years. I am desperate for ANYTHING ELSE!)

    It’s a huge relief that Namine’s O2 is staying high! We’re all wish her a speedy and full recovery! Love and hugs!

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