Last night Namine had a fever of 101.1. But that was taken under her armpit – she doesn’t quite yet get the whole idea of holding the thermometer under her tongue – and I’ve always been told that you should add a degree to an armpit temp. So make that 102.1. I gave her some Motrin right before bed (I usually do for her feet, anyway), and she fell asleep almost immediately.

After Namine had been asleep for a little while I hooked up the pulseox and checked her. Her O2 was bouncing between 85 and 87. Not bad, but lower than typical. Her heart rate, on the other hand, was a little more alarming. It was between 130 and 135. That would be good if she was awake, but sound asleep, it should be quite a bit lower. Like, between 85 and 100 kind of lower. So Jessica called the special needs line, and they gave us the party line: keep an eye on her, and call back if she gets sicker. Like we wouldn’t anyway.

This morning, Jessica thought that Namine felt warm, so she took her temp again. This time, it was 101.2. So she called special needs again, and they said to bring in to the pediatrician. That appointment is at 2:00 (which I unfortunately cannot make, due to work). I’ll let you know how that goes.

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