I took Namine’s temp tonight before putting her to bed, and it was 99. That’s down from 100, so we’re getting there. She’s chewing on damn near everything, and this was even after dinner, so I’m pretty sure her teeth are bothering her. I know her two-year molars are coming in, so that would pretty much do it. Read on for more family news.

As I mentioned in the previous post, my grandpa was discharged from the hospital today. He was taken in yesterday (or was it the day before? Now I don’t remember) because he had some kind of infection. (Mom – did they find out what it was?) And either he no longer has a fever, or it’s dropped enough for them to be comfortable with him going home. (Fevers seem to be a recurring theme here.) The doctors say that he can run again, but he has to work his way up – take a week to walk, then a week to jog, and then he can run again. And even then, I’d expect the doctors want it to be in moderation. The trouble is, Grandpa has a different idea of what constitutes “moderation,” when it comes to running. (The man has done 24-hour runs. To him, a marathon is probably more akin to a 5-mile jog for any semi-normal person.*)

Namine and I had dinner to ourselves this evening, because Jess is over at her sister Melissa’s apartment, making food for tomorrow. What’s tomorrow? you ask. It’s the baby shower for Jess’s sister Ann. And hoo boy, did Jess and Mel make a lot of food. When she called me a little while ago, she told me about the 12 pounds of beef, plus lots more. Jeez.

Anyhoo, so Namine and I had dinner, and I swear, she is a human garbage disposal sometimes. I didn’t fully expect her to eat all of her taco meat and rice, but she did. And she has this little cup that she likes to drink out of, no lid or straw or anything. We need to make sure she uses both hands to hold it, but as long as she does that, she usually doesn’t spill on herself or anything. Unless, of course, she decides she’s done mid-sip and chucks the cup across the room. Or at me.

* I say semi-normal because running is not normal. It remains my personal opinion that if you run, there’s something wrong with you. If you like running, well, there’s something really wrong.


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