Escape room

We (finally!) got to do Namine’s escape room.

We have been trying since January to do an escape room. For Christmas we had given Namine the “present” — by which I mean a piece of paper with the details printed on it — but it was just one thing after another.

On the day of, we found out that we had been exposed to Covid on the day prior. We canceled, obviously, and the escape room was kind enough to give us a raincheck. Then on the rescheduled day, it snowed so hard that there was no way we would make it, with as far as we had to drive. Again, the escape room was more than gracious in allowing us to reschedule, yet again.

And now, three months later, we finally were able to get everyone together for the escape room! I daresay it was worth the wait. It was themed like Alice in Wonderland, with enough locks, puzzles, and keys to confound anyone. It’s always easier (and more fun!) with a large group of people. We escaped with 49 seconds to spare!

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