Escape room

While my mom was cooking with my Aunt Melissa, my dad and I went to a breakout room event hosted by The Ability Center!

When we got there, we were about an hour early, so no one else was there yet. Since no one else was there, we couldn’t sign in, so we passed the time playing pool!

Once everyone got there, the organizer (Becky, my friend Hazel’s mom) signed us in and split everyone up into 3 groups. There was group 1, which Becky was on, group two, which I was on, and group 3, where some other kids were on. There was one adult in each group, so in my group there was an adult, Hazel, a girl named Emily, and myself. Group 1 went back first, then we went back. The storyline was that we were superheroes, so we had to find 4 diamonds and put them in their rightful place before some thieves got there and stole them.

Once we headed back, we were in a room with an ATM, another button machine, a bunch of clocks, and a huge table/compartment. There were 5 clocks. 4 of them were different colors, but the 5th clock that was on the left opened up. There were some pieces that went together, but it was far from complete. Piece by piece, the compartments opened up, and we finally got to the point where we found the 4 digit number for the button machine that opened up a door to a small area with a cash register. Once we got there, we were able to find the account number that we had to put into the ATM machine. I don’t exactly remember what happened next, but once we figured the rest of that out, there was another door that opened that lead to a room with a bookshelf, a super old but small clock, and the thing where the pieces had to go.

The pieces, all put together, was a map! But there was something wrong with the bookshelf. It was missing some books! Once we found all the books, I put the last one in and the bookshelf suddenly opened, and I think I jumped. Once I backed away from the opening bookshelf, the adult went inside, and the diamonds were inside the secret room behind the bookshelf! One by one, I handed the diamonds to Emily, who put them in their place. Once all the diamonds were in place, I moved out of the way and pushed the button, completing our mission with 1 minute to spare! Since each group went in at separate times, we were the first ones out. Once we got out, we took a picture in front of the City 13 sign.

Once everyone got out of their different rooms, we left and headed back to Aunt Mel’s.

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