Snow day

Our plans today were waylaid by inclement weather, but we made the best of it!

Namine wrote not too long ago about how she volunteered at Zachariah’s Acres, and in doing so, fulfilled some community service hours for school. We had planned on making a trip for her to do so again, this time with Variety. The weather, however, had other plans.

When we woke up, it was to a snowfall so thick we could barely even see the road out of our living room window. We decided that we weren’t about to brave that on the road, so we contacted the Variety director to let her know we wouldn’t be coming.

Having found ourselves with a rare day where we didn’t have anywhere to go or be, we made it a relaxing day. Jessica had been wanting to try out her new watercolor paint set, so we painted and drew for a while.

Pictured below are three canvases that we painted with acrylic. We painted them black, then stamped them with cardboard tubes dipped in different colors. Below those, to the right, is one of Jessica’s watercolor paintings. (I can’t show you anything else because the recipient is probably reading this. ) Below that is the start of something new. The black is not paint; it’s something called “goth glue” — school glue with black paint mixed in. Now that it’s dry, we plan to paint inside it with watercolors. (You can see that Jessica’s, the one in the middle, is already started a bit.)

By the afternoon, it had stopped snowing. I had to get the driveway shoveled before it got dark, so I headed outside to get that done. When I was done, I told Jessica I wanted to build a snowman. She asked Namine if she wanted to join me; she said yes, absolutely.

Since Namine gets sick easily, perhaps it’s misleading to say that we built a snowman. It’s more accurate to say that I built the snowman, with Namine directing. She stayed in her wheelchair on the sidewalk, telling me from where to start rolling the snow and how large to make each section of the body.

After the snowman was complete, Namine and stayed outside a little longer to have a snowball fight. Well, it was less a snowball fight and more a game of catch. With each catch, we lost a little more of the ball. Fortunately, their was more “ball” all around us.

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