Our Christmas at home

We spent the day after Christmas at home and in our pajamas.

In recent years, we started to split up our Christmas celebration beyond just two two separate days — Christmas Eve and Christmas Day — which we spent with the respective sides of our families. We found that trying to spend time just the three of us, prior to leaving for someone else’s house, was just too chaotic. So we spend the day after Christmas all to ourselves.

Christmas Morrow Eve

Our Christmas celebrations started, technically speaking, at the end of Christmas Day. We had gotten home late from my parents’ house — it’s a bit of a drive for us, after all — but we had time enough for opening two presents. We had bought two large mystery boxes for ourselves at Michael’s, so none of us had any idea what was in them.

The contents, we found, was a large assortment of art supplies and decorations. That was no surprise, considering the source. Most of it was Autumn- and Halloween-themed, and there was a lot: pumpkin carving kits, pie-shaped boxes, crafty things like colored cotton balls and pipe cleaners, and much more. It was so fun, seeing all that was there, that we decided that we should do this every year.

New Eiche tradition unlocked!

Christmas Morrow

Okay, I will admit that I had to look up “word for the day after a specific day.” The word “morrow” means “the morning after,” not “the day after,” but it comes to the same thing in this case. We stuck to our tradition of making homemade almond rolls — far superior to cinnamon rolls, in our opinion — and opened presents as we waited for the dough to rise and the rolls to bake.

Namine often requests experiences, not things. So it was appropriate that the first present from us to Namine was an escape room. Shortly into the new year, we would be attending an Alice in Wonderland-themed one with seven other family members.

This present below was from Jessica to me, but its intent is really for any one of us that needs it. It’s a cold compress that you wear like a hat over your eyes! All three of us are prone to headaches, and there is nothing quite like the cold and dark when one descends. Fortunately, none of us had a headache this morning, but we all still tried it on. It did not disappoint.

This next present was also to the entire family: two boxes of “indoor snowballs.” They’re just big, fluffy puffballs, but so fun to throw around and at each other. Namine used one of the boxes to shield herself from Jessica, which I’m pretty sure isn’t allowed. ;)

Not all the presents were to the whole family. There were, by pure coincidence, three individual dinosaur-themed presents. Namine received a tyrannosaur fossil excavation kit (one of which I think she’s received every year for quite some time, not that she’s complaining), I received an Ankylosaur-themed Nerf gun, and Jessica received a Stegosaur taco holder (not pictured).

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