Wild Game Lunch

Namine volunteered at Zachariah’s Acres to help out at a food station for a lunch and auction.

I have a certain number of community service hours that I need to fulfill each year for school. I completed some of these hours by volunteering at Zachariah’s Acres, a place where children and adults with disabilities can explore the outdoors and participate in activities. I have not only spent time at Zachariah’s Acres as a guest, but I have volunteered as well. I wanted to volunteer again because I enjoy helping other people with disabilities like me. I will continue to volunteer in the years to come for that same reason.

The event for which I volunteered to help was an event for a hunters’ lunch and auction. There were a number of different food stations; my dad and I were put at the soup and rolls station. I couldn’t reach the main table where the soups were, so we asked for a table that would fit my height. My dad and I worked for 3 hours serving soup and rolls to people. The soup options were wild goose chili, alligator gumbo, and salmon chowder.

When the event was over and people started leaving, we found that there was still plenty of food left (but not the alligator gumbo, that was gone pretty quick!) so we were able to take some home. I particularly enjoyed the bear bacon pizza.

Hi, everybody! Paul here. I wanted to talk a little bit about the auction and donation portion of the event. The only other auction we’ve been to was the Variety fundraiser we spoke at, and this was a different experience altogether. While the Variety event was geared toward corporations and large sponsors, this one was for local hunters’ groups. Zachariah’s Acres is quite involved in the community, and many of the people donating here have seen the impact firsthand of their generosity.

So when the founder of Zachariah’s Acres got up to speak, we knew he was not only speaking from his heart but also touching ours, as well. His generosity was matched that day, because for each donation level, a sea of hands went up. It was incredible and so moving to see!

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