Christmas piano recital

Namine had her first recital with her new piano teacher!

For the past three months, Namine has been taking piano lessons again. When we moved, we had to get rid of our piano, but we got an electronic one so she and Jessica could still play. Namine’s piano teacher held a Christmas recital, in which all students who desired to could play a song. Namine absolutely desired to.

After all the students had played their songs, Namine’s teacher and accompanist played a song together on the violin and piano, respectively. Her teacher then invited all the students up, handing out little clappers so they could contribute to the song as well.

I’m going to take a moment to plug Namine’s piano teacher, Justine Ostrander of Shining Stars Music Studio . Justine teaches piano and violin lessons out of her home, which happens to be inaccessible to Namine. Justine was more than willing to work with us to find a solution — namely, piano lessons over video call.

The three of us met Justine in person for the first time at the recital. We all had a grand time, and Namine played beautifully. All the students did! Namine’s enthusiasm is wonderful to see as she continues her lessons with Justine.

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