Shop with a Cop

Namine participated in an event at Dick’s Sporting Goods. She got to pick out some new equipment for the sports she plays, and more!

We were invited by a friend involved with The Ability Center to come to one of their events at a Dick’s Sporting Goods. The event was called “Shop with a Cop,” which was exactly what it sounded like: each child was paired with a police officer, and given $250 with which to purchase whatever they liked.

Namine keeps outgrowing her tennis racket. When she joined the WASA tennis program, she started out with a child’s racket. Her coach then recommended using an adult size — which we conveniently had, since we’d each been given a racket so we could play with her. The racket that she ended up using was Jessica’s, and so was not her own choice in color or style. One of the first things she thought of, at this Shop with a Cop event, was to get her own choice of tennis racket.

Another of Namine’s favorite activities is to go for a bike ride. She calls them “bike runs” — she rides, and I run alongside her. She doesn’t need a new helmet, but she has wanted one with a mohawk on top for quite some time. We couldn’t find a mohawk helmet that fit her, but we did find one she liked. We said we could look on Amazon for a mohawk strip, which she found acceptable.

Namine looked around the store for a few other, smaller items, then we headed to the checkout.

Before we left Dick’s, we said goodbye to everyone — of course the police officer who had accompanied us, but also our friends. Damien, the founder of TAC, was hanging around near the entrance, so we said our goodbyes — and Namine showed off her new sports stuff — to him as well.

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