Baseball jersey pickup and piano recital

We had a busy day, driving out to Milwaukee and then back home again.

Baseball jersey pickup and picture

In years past, we’ve been given a pretty large window of time during which we can pick up Namine’s Miracle League baseball uniform. That’s not how they did it this year; they assigned participants, grouped by last name alphabetically, with a smaller timeframe when they could come and pick up their uniform. Namine’s time was in the early afternoon. To be honest, this wasn’t ideal, since Namine had a piano recital not long afterward. That’s okay, though. We made it work.

Along with picking up the uniform, Namine got her picture taken. As each player goes up to bat, their picture is displayed on the scoreboard. She’s on the Yankees this season.

Spring piano recital

Afterwards, we had to get back home pretty quickly for Namine’s piano recital. It’s been a few recitals since Namine started with Shining Stars Music Studio, and it’s been really neat to see how their students have been growing in number.

In past recitals, Namine has brought her piano books with her. This time, the teacher posed a challenge: memorize your piece and play it from memory. Namine did very well.

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