First day of ninth grade

Namine had a great start to high school!

What a momentous day! Namine has started high school. High school. To borrow from the vernacular of yesteryear, I cannot even. For her part, Namine is excited for what the year will bring. She is, of course, taking such required classes as algebra, science, history, and languages. (And for the most part, she thinks of them in good terms.) But with starting high school also comes electives — however limited in her first year — and so she’s chosen digital photography.

We set up Namine’s desk in the same spot as last year. Inside the smallest of the three rooms in what I think of as the “bedroom end of the house” — although this room is likely too small to serve as a bedroom — we’ve set up an office. My work desk is in there, since I work primarily from home. There’s a strange little nook — fitting, I suppose, with some of the other seemingly odd architectural decisions which have been made in this house — where Namine’s desk fits nicely. There’s space enough for her school laptop and notebooks.

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