Headset failure

We replaced Namine’s headset.

Namine was not even a week into school when the headset she’s been using became unusable. She discovered that its on/off button had gotten jammed, preventing it from being pressed in. It was now permanently stuck in “off” mode, and being a Bluetooth device prevented it from being used at all. All my efforts in trying to unjam the button proved fruitless.

Fortunately for her, I am somewhat of a pack rat and never discard any kind of technology, ever. I dug through the boxes of tech that I still have in the office (one of the few places in our house which we have not yet organized) and found one of my wired headsets.

It’s a gaming headset — it actually came with the LED gaming keyboard and mouse that I use regularly. I use a Bluetooth headset for work meetings and a pair of earbuds when I’m just listening to music, so I don’t need it. Namine said it’s actually more comfortable than the headset she had been using. I guess it all worked out pretty well.

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