Eighth grader

Namine started eight grade today! Two of them, actually.

Rural Virtual Academy

Namine has started a new school year — her last year in middle school! It blows our minds (hers too, I think) that she’s grown so much. She’s doing a completely online, virtual curriculum again.

Up until sixth grade, Namine was taught by Jessica, using the materials and curriculum mailed to us by her school, Rural Virtual Academy. In the sixth grade, she tried one class in a virtual classroom — science, her favorite. Then last year she decided to try an entirely virtual curriculum, which went well but was not without its challenges. Nevertheless, Namine did well and is confident about doing the same for the current school year.

Much has changed in a year’s time. We are no longer in an apartment; we now own a house, which means (among a great many other things) that Namine no longer has to do her schoolwork in the kitchen or the living room as she did last year. We have a separate room that serves as an office, which we share during the day as she attends classes and I work from home.

Virtual learning with Mrs. B

Namine is also taking supplementary classes with Mrs. Juliane Bjerregaard (pronounced “beer guard”), aka Mrs. B. She taught at Bright Rising back when Namine still attended; she has since been teaching virtually on her own. Namine is taking math, science, and history classes with her (yes, two of each of those this year!) as well as an art class.

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