First day of seventh grade

Namine is excited to start the seventh grade!

Well, the day has come: Namine is now officially in seventh grade. We can hardly believe it! Since COVID-19 is still a threat, I am still working from home. As a result, Namine is unable to use the desk we had set up opposite the piano, since I sit there during the day. Our apartment is not that large, there’s not enough space in the living room for two desks, and definitely not enough space in Namine’s room, so she attends her virtual classes in the dining area. Under normal circumstances, that’s where we cook — since that’s the accessible counter her aunt built for her — but as we well know, circumstances right now are anything but normal.

But the other thing that’s different this year is that Namine is taking all online classes. Last year, she was enrolled in an online Science class — as opposed to Jessica teaching her — as a kind of trial run. As it turned out, she enjoyed it very much and decided to take all her classes this year online.

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