Picking out new glasses frames

We took Namine to get her new glasses.

Recently, Namine had an appointment with her eye doctor, after which she came away with a new prescription for glasses. The journey to get her a new pair, however, was not nearly so straightforward.

As an employee, I have private insurance. Namine, because she is disabled, has secondary state insurance as well. As we found out, many — probably most — places that sell frames do not allow applying both insurances to the purchase of a single prescription eyeglass frame. Rather, they will apply only my primary insurance to a single frame, applying the secondary to the purchase of a second frame. This is not ideal.

We did find one location that did exactly what we wanted to do: they would apply primary insurance to a single frame, then apply the secondary to cover the remainder of the cost. Unfortunately, we found out that this place did not accept my primary insurance. And since the secondary insurance can’t be used at all unless the primary has first been applied, we couldn’t get Namine’s glasses there at all.

Now that that’s all settled, all that was left was to take Namine to pick out frames. They had a deal going on, so we were able to let her pick out two.

The first pair is quite similar to the pair of blue-blocking (but not prescription) glasses Namine already has. The second pair is a little similar to the pair she had nine years ago. (Interesting to note that her tastes in glasses have not really changed much.)

Unfortunately, Namine won’t have her glasses until about two weeks into the new school year. Her need for them isn’t dire, however; her eyesight is still decent enough that she can do without them. She does also still have her blue-blocking glasses for use during the school day.

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