New desk

We rearranged the living room again.

We’ve been using what used to be our kitchen table as a school desk for Namine, but all that changed this past week. Jessica got a nice little school desk — yes, a real school desk — from a friend, and we moved the table to the other side of the living room.

We had originally had the school area back in the dining room. It was a hassle to juggle the school stuff with actual, you know, dining room stuff. But we made it work.

But when Namine’s first grade school supplies arrived, we decided to move things around a bit. So we cut down the legs to the original kitchen table (so she could sit comfortably at it in her wheelchair) and moved it into the living room, dubbing it “the school nook.”

The school nook hasn’t moved, but now Namine has an actual desk. The size isn’t perfect for Namine, though; her wheelchair doesn’t quite fit there, so she has to use a kitchen chair for school, and that’s a bit of a step backward. But it’ll do until we can adjust it to fit her wheelchair, and it enables Jessica to sit closer to Namine during school. More importantly, they can face opposite each other.

There was more surface area with the kitchen table, but Namine had to sit kitty-corner to Jessica, and that wasn’t ideal for lessons. This way is a little bit better, and it’s an overall improvement in the school experience for the both of them.

For her part, Namine loves school just as much, maybe more every day. And she loves having an actual desk, especially one with a chalkboard surface. (I think it’s kind of a novelty for her.)

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