Leg pain scare

Namine’s leg was caught in the sliding door of the van. Fortunately, nothing is broken.

We took Namine to the ER today on the suspicion that her left leg was broken. That was thankfully not the case, although her leg does still hurt.

Namine prefers to sit on the left side of the back seat in the van. Due to her having caudal regression syndrome, her left knee does not bend. These two circumstances combined in an unfortunate way, causing her foot to be caught in the cup holder in the door as it opened.

Namine has had plenty of experience with the kind of pain associated with a broken bone; she was certain her leg was broken after being pulled back by the door. We certainly had no reason to doubt her, so we headed to the ER.

While at the ER, Namine was taken back for X-rays. I went with her, in order to assist with transferring her to and from the table. (Namine has noted on many occasions, and did so again today, the discomfort of laying on said table, but then again, comfort is not its purpose.)

Multiple scans were taken of Namine’s leg, from many different angles. It was necessary to get a full picture of the entire leg, since she described pain extending from above her knee to below her ankle.

At the time I thought little of it, but now that I reflect upon it, I’m thankful — as I’m sure are the doctors and X-ray techs — that Namine was quite articulate in describing the location and severity of pain. That’s not unusual for her, especially with her history of high pain tolerance, but I suppose it’s something Jessica and I take for granted.

Once the X-rays were complete, Namine and I were taken back to our room in the ER. It was quite some time before the doctor came back to discuss the results, but that’s pretty typical. Once she did, she informed us that the X-rays revealed that there were no fractures, only bruising on the bone. We were free to go, once the discharge paperwork was completed.

It’s good news that Namine’s leg is not broken. That news does nothing for the pain she’s still in, of course, but the passing of time has eased it somewhat. She’ll continue to take it easy, and we’ll play it by ear to see how she’s feeling before she has to go to physical therapy later this week.

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