Advent calendar fun

We changed things up this year with our Advent calendars. No chocolate here — instead, we have cheese, crafts, and dolls!

This year, we didn’t get Advent calendars with chocolate in them. Oh no, this year we picked three different kinds. The first has crafts, so there’s something for everybody. So far we’ve had little paint kits, paper ornaments we could color ourselves, and even a wooden sled — some assembly required. (Namine accidentally glued it to the table, but these things happen.)

The next Advent calendar was just for Namine: a Barbie Advent calendar. The first day was a Barbie doll, but each day since has revealed a new accessory. There have been larger accessories like clothes, but also purses and even pets.

The last Advent calendar is also one for all of us to share, and my favorite: 24 days of cheese! We each have or favorites, so some days we split them. Other days contain flavors that not all of us like, so on those days one person will get the piece all to themselves.

We want to close by wishing everyone a very happy holiday. We know that 2020 has not been very kind to most people. The quarantine hasn’t been easy, but we hope you’ve all been able to stay safe and healthy.

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