Advent calendar

We put together an Advent calendar for Namine. Each day of December leading up to Christmas contains a few surprises.

We ordered a custom Advent calendar from Magnolia Hills for Namine. In the past, we’ve gotten a couple calendars for her to open, one with Bible verses and one filled with chocolates. I printed off and cut out 25 Bible verses, placing one inside each day’s box.

We also included an American Girl toy and a riddle. The American Girl toy is kind of like a Lego; some assembly is required. They came in their own Advent calendar, but we removed them and put them in the one we already had for Namine.

The riddle is a clue to where to find another treat. Tonight’s riddle reads:

Go to the place of school
Touch nothing but look near
Inside do I lurk
Find me in here

Namine found the treat, an Avengers washcloth, inside the school desk she uses when she’s doing homework on the floor.

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