Virtual schooling

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel published an article about Namine attending a virtual school.

In June of this year, a reporter for the Journal Sentinel published an article about how the Milwaukee Ballet’s Tour de Force program is helping kids in wheelchairs.

Then in July, the same reporter approached us about details concerning Namine’s schooling. Jessica had mentioned in passing how we homeschool her through a virtual online school, because it allows for flexibility in regard to Namine’s fragile immune system and frequent visits to therapy and the hospital.

Our lives are an open book, as we are wont to say. We frequently give talks at Marquette University and the Children’s Hospital medical college about equipment and accessibility. Not only are we Namine’s advocates, but she advocates for herself as well. We — all three of us — hold in high regard the increase of knowledge and understanding.  So when Amy asked us if we’d like to talk about Namine’s school, we were more than happy to do so.

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