Homeschool interview

Jessica was interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel about virtual learning.

With as active as Namine is — or was, prior to quarantine — this isn’t the first time the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has written about her. Nor is it the first time they have interviewed Jessica about teaching from home. This time around, the topic is not quite homeschooling, but learning from home in a virtual environment.

The situation is indeed different for us, too. In years past, we’ve done the teaching. This year, however, has seen Namine learning from teachers over live video conferencing. This has led to some difficulties, some adjustments, and some changes — for all three of us.

So when the Journal Sentinel reached out, Jessica was happy to talk about our experiences. This whole virtual learning thing is a journey we’re taking together, and even though every family is isolated, we’re still all in this together.

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